The one thing I have learned about flash diffusers is really understanding lighting itself and how it works.  When you cover your flash head with a diffuser you are essentially giving up flash output in exchange for some softer light.  Lost through the diffuser is that extra light that could have been artfully utilized.

Using a diffuser with your flash forward doesn’t necessarily reduce the harsh shadows behind your subject either. Since there is no other source of light to fill in around and behind your subject, you still get some pretty bad shadows.

     Merely bouncing your flash off the ceiling without a light modifier is a great way to shoot.  This method fills in the spaces around and behind your subject but falls short with any direct light.  The problem is since there is no forward reflected light from the flash, all the light output is bounced off the ceiling causing the light to shed down, resulting in shadows under the nose, chin and eyebrows.




      The WYNG does not cover your flash head which means no matter how you bounce it, you are going to get the full output of the flash while simultaneously reflecting flattering light forward.  This forward

reflected light eliminates those nasty shadows while still giving you that room filling light from the bounce.

     The WYNG is great in helping you crisply capture those moving moments when otherwise you would struggle at lower shutter speeds to get brighter pictures.  A bride diving into her dress or the grand entrance at a reception, for example.  No more flash blurred images, capture the action.

     Swivel The WYNG 180 degrees for even softer light.  This is perfect for when you are up close to your subject or for wedding details such the rings or bouquet.  You get the really soft diffused light that goes through the WYNG and simultaneously the bounced light fills in and around.


Typical settings:

Flash ETTL, Manual, f/4, ISO 400-1600, shutter 1/60 - 1/200

With Faster lenses:

Flash ETTL, Manual, f/1.4 ISO 200-800, shutter 1/60 - 1/200



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