The WYNG A1 Profoto A1/A1X/A10

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The WYNG A1 Bounce Reflector and Diffuser for the Profoto A1/A1X/A10 Flash

  • Custom fitted for the Profoto A1/A1XA10 Flash
  • Also fits Large Flash Heads.
  • Accommodates existing flash modifiers included with your Profoto A1 and A1X
  • One-Piece, Lightweight and Flexible, Weighs just 1.9 Ounces/55 Grams
  • 3D Flex Flash Easy Slip-on Attachment, will not fall off!
  • Eliminates Harsh Shadows
  • Reflects Light Forward Bounces Light Up
  • Curved design efficiently reflects light
  • Flexible Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Material

  • The WYNG A1 is a flexible one-piece flash bounce reflector that eliminates harsh shadows by reflecting flattering light forward while maintaining full flash output for bouncing off ceilings and walls.

    Turn your flash 180 degrees for soft bulb diffused lighting effect without the loss of room filling light.

    Design accommodates quick switching from landscape to portrait shooting.

    Super lightweight design won't weigh down your flash.

    Folds and fits into any camera bag.

    Streamlined professional look with easy slip-on attachment that requires no cumbersome straps, buckles or modular systems.

    Holds color effect gels without additional straps or bands.

    Ideal for studio work, weddings, events and portraits.

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